‘What’s for you won’t pass you’

When I graduated I was set on working within the equine industry in some capacity.

My studies drew me towards Marketing. I ignored this to try and get a job in the ‘right’ environment. Funnily enough, feedback I got from one interview revolved around a lack of passion for the job role. I knew then I was chasing the wrong thing.

I moved away from the industry and towards marketing focused roles. I also started an online digital marketing course. I feel this was a mistake. I think that after graduating, unless you directly need further education in the field you’re working in or require studies for a change in field, you can’t maximize the results of further education.

I didn’t actually even apply for the role I’m currently in. I saw the job description, however it required more experience than I had. I sent my CV into The Irish Field’s HR manager applying for an entry level marketing role. I got a responding email thanking me for applying to this role!

I could not have imagined that I could have ended up with both the role and environment that this job is offering me. It certainly did not look like a likely option early on! It has led me to slightly believe that initial quotation!