Overcoming the Graduate Blues

‘Graduate Blues’ usual come from the withdrawal of a college lifestyle- commonly centering around a fantastic social life. I’ve discovered there can be much more to it than that!

I finished uni and I thought I had no idea what I wanted to do. I say ‘thought’ because I think everyone has some idea. I think it’s more a matter of getting into a broad first job in that general area of interest.

I had absolutely NOTHING applied for before I graduated. That was my biggest mistake. I sauntered blissfully unaware of graduate programs the whole way through final year.

In total I spent almost five months looking for a job. Part-time jobs were an absolute savior during this time. But that is a long time!

6 instead of 5 months for dramatic effect!

The difficult thing was that time was basically just wasted on searching for jobs. I couldn’t go too far away from home incase I had, yet another, interview and I would almost feel guilty if I was actually having fun because the job situation was constantly on my mind.

The worst part, by far, was meeting people who would ask the dreaded question- ‘what are you doing at the moment?’ The whole ‘I just graduated’ line was growing older by the day! It was actually horrible to try and explain to people that since I saw them last, maybe a whole two months ago, I still had and was essentially doing nothing!

I will never forget the relief and happiness when I accepted my current job role.

Towards the end I got much better at job searching. Here are a few tips to get yourself into a good role.

  • Look at job descriptions properly- btw a lot of these are hugely inaccurate.
  • Look at graduate programs while in college.
  • Arrange a phone call with the recruiter before meeting- this gives you both an idea of suitability and can save a lot of time!
  • Two in one! If you’re traveling for an interview, try to organise a second one there.
  • Have a good understanding of the business and bring an idea for it.
  • Push a sport or hobby. This will help you stay positive and be productive.
  • Do not take an internship if it won’t lead into a job.

If you’re in this boat I certainly don’t envy you. For me it was horrible and embarrassing. I found it hard to believe that my job search would ever end at times! I see now that this could not be the case. Good luck!