The Lady behind the Lense

This week I have been working with Limerick Racecourse taking over their social media activity throughout the course of Christmas, particularly through their four days of Christmas racing.

The requirements of this job were to take photos or videos that appeal to people who are, or would be, interested in Limerick Racecourse and post these on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This content ranged from the horses racing to the surrounding activities taking place at the racecourse. I am particularly aware, from my dissertation study, that the motives of racegoers can differ hugely and it is very important to cater for varying interests.

Basically, I wanted to show the highlights of what was going on at the racecourse and let people know what they were missing out on if they didn’t come racing! The most interesting thing for me was to look at how different post were received. Often some posts that i didn’t think much of, would do very well and vice versa. For example, this post However, this reached over 6,000 people.

The most rewarding aspect from this experience has been to look at the analytics of these social media pages and consider my input towards these results. Over the past week Facebook post engagements increase by over 600% and Twitter profile visits increased by 550%. These are just two examples of the overall escalated performance of these social media pages. Limerick Racecourse has the most fantastic Marketing and Sales team and it has been a privilege for me to work with these people towards achieving those results.