The Old Irish Ways

Moving back home to Ireland was always going to be a strange transition. But I found myself falling back into my old ways easier than I thought possible. It started with settling back into my bedroom, reuniting with the dogs (more like sheep in one case!) and catching up with friends and family I wouldn’t have seen in a while.

Somethings I thought I had left behind when I left for the UK over three years ago. One of these was horse riding. While I was lucky enough to get to ride out some of my friends horses while living in the UK, my horse was sold on quickly when he was left idle after my departure.

Shortly after I arrived home our local hunt was meeting outside our gate and my mom and I went out to see them off. I instantly had an urge to get back into hunting. As luck would have it, we met some friends who were looking after a hunt horse while a family member was away and they were looking for a rider for the upcoming hunt.

It had been five years since I had been hunting. I wasn’t sure I had the same nerve as I did when I was younger and safeguarded by my loyal pony! I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go either. The two days before I got down to ride him out and get him ready. I knew the perfect horse under me.

The day finally arrived and I was excited to get going. We loaded up our five horses into the lorry and there was no going back then! A fantastic day was had with a bit of adjustment into those all too familiar dikes. Views of Lough Gur as we traveled over the hill by the Lake made for a lovely backdrop. The day was topped off with washing the horses off in the lake and a pint at O’Riordan’s bar..  a welcome treat!