The Present of Presence

The weirdest thing about leaving uni for me was the fact that, unless we organise something, I will not see my friends. Since last night I had not seen most of my friends since our graduation.

When I think of meeting up with friends I always associate it with travelling away to other people- often incorporating over a two hour car journey. This weekend I used my birthday as the excuse to organise the reunion, only this time to bring the gang to me.

Long and tiring working days at the stud meant that some of this planning was left to the last minute. I hadn’t realised quite how quickly Woburn gets booked up for dinner reservations! My third restaurant enquiry proved lucky and we had our table for ten booked at The Birch.

The Birch provided a fabulous setting with fantastic local food and drink. The staff were also very accommodating, understanding our delayed arrivals from motorway traffic and welcomed the girls’ birthday decorations- which made for a really lovely, personalised celebration.


It was quite funny looking around the table and thinking how our lives have changed, even in these few months. New jobs, living arrangements and plans to travel are all changes happening, or are yet to come in our near futures.

These changes are exciting, fun and also very scary. Not always just for the person embarking on them- I find the idea of close friends moving to the other side of the world quite daunting!

Time can slip by so fast but this reminded me just how easy it is to organise an event to get people together. I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends who will make this work. I found it quite refreshing reuniting with my friends after this gap and looking at where I have come myself since moving on from Cirencester.