Work without the Hassle

Get a job, start the job and work the job. If only it were this simple. I learnt this the hard way when organising my work placement last year at Ascot racecourse.

I had the job, only the nightmare started here. Where would I live? This area is easily accessible to London and so I had many competitors for a bed. After much searching a place came up and I jumped at it straight away. I drove over to see it in the middle of my exams and despite the very pricey rent and the long list of start-up prices I was desperate and decided it would be my best bet.

I was lucky enough to be heading to the Dubai World Cup with my mom and sister just before starting my placement, and was very much relieved to have had this sorted. Words could not describe how incredible this trip was- they also could not describe what was to come next. After a change at Dublin airport for Heathrow my luggage got mixed up. A long, disheartened wait at the carousel led to my realisation that it hadn’t arrived.

I had to travel to and from the airport, make the hour and a half journey, for three consecutive days in order to sort out this situation. When I finally sorted my luggage I called the landlord to finalise the time I would move in the next day. My room had been given away. An undelivered Imessage meant that there was no more room in the inn! A week and a half commuting almost two hours each day to finally sort out some accommodation didn’t quite set me off on the right foot!

Having just completed my first week at Woburn stud I am thrilled that I didn’t have to deal with any of this stress. I arrived to a double bedroom, included as a benefit of my contract, living with two lovely girls working on the stud ready to help me unload my gear. A welcome introduction to a new job!

A cute evening drink set up with my housemate

Similarly, my boyfriend Tomás, has started working for the harvest period in Newmarket. A little experience on the farm and a response to an advert on Facebook sent him on his way to the ‘home of horseracing’. Steel toe capped boots, a lift and a weeks supply of shopping had him set up for his two month job. Two hassle-free jobs that anyone with an interest could get involved in.