The Next Venture

After two lovely weeks at home, in Ireland, spending time with family, catching up with friends and getting lots of trips in, it’s back to the UK for me.

I am delighted to be back, even after a ten hour car and ferry journey. It was my first time traveling from Dublin Port and my navigational skills would not be the best. Google maps ended up sending me off track. A frantic detour was made and I managed to catch the ferry just on time with my large load.


A catch up with my friends last night made for a really nice return. My visit to the Essex countryside gave me a chance to catch my breath surrounded by some unusual animals,  a beautiful sunset and a campfire on a night of a meteor shower. My favorites of these animals were the goats and a very friendly owl- I feel like I am in a different world!

Lucy and Noah

I have come back to the UK to work at Woburn stud helping to prepare yearlings (one year old thoroughbred horses) to be sold on at sales. I am really excited to get back working on a stud and to get the full experience of the development of these horses. I have visited this stud before and fell in love with it’s surroundings, in the center of Woburn Abbey. This can be seen here

I am really excited for this next venture and it is really nice for me to get to live close to my English friends for a while longer.