Galway Girls

My mom, my sister and I traveled to Galway on Friday of the horse racing festival. Each year I make sure I go racing during the course of this festival. Galway is an hour and a half from where I live, various travel arrangement have been organised with friends over recent years to facilitate this occasion. These have included B&Bs, hostels and a private bus- this option has proved less popular by bus drivers who don’t appreciate delayed passengers! This year the easier option to drive up for the day was selected.

Last minute outfit preparations were made all the easier by Blue Velvet hat hire in Limerick. The three of us arrived in that morning and came out with perfectly co-ordinated outifts. Luckily the weather was on our side, bar a few rain showers- the ample shelter space was taken advantage of with our decision to leave the umbrellas in the car.

Our racing interests centered around the Guinness Galway Blazers Handicap Steeplechase with my uncle training Top of the Town. The soft ground didn’t quite go in his favour, however, the pre-racing interview didn’t disappoint! Here’s the link: Unfortunately Galway will have to be the same until next year!

We finished up our day stopping at the ever popular Paddy Burkes Oyster Inn, a restaurant and pub we would pass on our way home to Limerick. They really catered very well for the post-racegoers. Many people took a break from the races on Friday spending their day here watching the racing. Fantastic food, fabulous live music and plenty of bars with a huge crowd formed the electric buzz. A dance floor full of waltzers and jivers created a really fun, traditional atmosphere. A perfect way to end the day. Waking up in our own beds this morning topped it all off!