Living the Ciren Lifestyle

For the past three years I have been attending university in Cirencester (Ciren). The lifestyle that accompanies a student’s studies here is not the typical student experience.

Firstly, Ciren is a town. Comprising of just one nightclub- don’t let that put you off just yet. A good variety of pubs make up for this!

The beautiful countryside pubs are not something to miss. The following are my favourites:

  • The Bell at Sapperton – a really nice beer garden for a sunny day, incredible food and an area to park horses!
Family and friends having dinner at the Bell
  • The Wild Duck Inn, Ewen – a lovely enclosed beer garden- they turn on fairly lights at dusk, traditional British feel and lots of dog guests.
The outside of the Duck
  • The Tunnel- another traditional British pub, picnic tables in vast gardens- so you won’t miss the sun on a good day, lovely walks around this pub and they have a deal on steaks and wine on Tuesday nights.
Friends enjoying the sun at the Tunnel

At the start, I thought the nightlife presented to me would prove a let down. I could not have been further from wrong. These unique settings have provided an intimate, fun setting for nights out.

The abundance of activity available have made my experience living here. When leaving home for Cirencester I sadly had to leave my horse behind. I was reassured by previous students that there would not be a shortage of opportunities to ride out for other students. I made sure to pack my helmet and boots!

Luckily they were right. I have been very lucky to get to ride for a friend on Cirencester park- an incredible 3,000 acre park and woodland.

Dog walks in Cirencester park

Polo horses are available to rent from Cirencester park- this is an opportunity not to miss. The avenue stretches for five miles, if you reach the end from Cirencester you can tie your horse up at the Bell at Sapperton and go for a pub lunch.

I say ‘if’ because it is not a given one will make it. One day I headed off for a hack in the park and returned about quarter of an hour after my horse arrived riderless galloping in.. that was not a great day!

Myself and Rocky when united!

The student life at the RAU is definitely very different to that of other universities, and may not suit every student. With some time, I have truly immersed myself in this lifestyle and will miss it greatly.