The quest to find a lovely beach in the UK continued. This time ample research was carried out, unlike my previous trip! Anytime I asked for peoples’ insights on this topic Cornwall was always mentioned.

The only problem was the distance. As I mentioned before, you have to travel far from Cirencester to get to a good beach.

The time finally came to venture to Cornwall- quite a spur of the moment decision in the end! Two days before my boyfriend and I decided we would buy a tent en route down and we would camp there. That morning at 5.30 am we filled up my little Citroen with diesel and we headed off to venture around Cornwall.

The first stop was used to buy a tent. A four-man tent for under £30 sufficed- although an exchange was made once we realised it wasn’t water proof!

Myself and the ill-constructed tent

The tent was thrown into Ron (the car) and the plan was to stop at various beaches along the way and end up at the far end of Cornwall- by Lands End.

We were a little disappointed with our first few stops. They were nice beaches, but nothing like what had been described to me before. Luckily we decided to persevere and keep on touring.

The further we drove, the more beautiful and ‘untouched’ the beaches were. Our stop at St. Ives beach reassured us that we were heading in the right direction.

St. Ives beach

From here, breathtaking beauty continued to strike us. Each beach managing to prove even more beautiful than the next.

We were planning on staying in Treen campsite, however, when we arrived they were already booked out. We were then directed over to Trevedra Farm Campsite. This was in the most lovely setting, on a cliff top. The fee of just £13 was helped also! There was a pathway to the coastal walk, which should not be missed!

A sample of the views from the coastal walk

We are not quite ‘campers’, Tomás had never been camping before and my experience was limited to school trips and camping at a festival. The people camping at this site were very helpful, steering us in the right direction when we were looking lost.

We really got into the whole experience. Dinner consisted of a BBQ prepared on a disposable BBQ followed by toasted marshmallows.

We stayed just for just one night and finished off our time there with a venture to St. Michael’s Mount.

I had caught a glimpse of this spectacular site on an earlier drive. It wasn’t until a lady staying at the campsite told me about their plans to visit that we realised what it was.

The mount can only be accessed by foot when the tide is out- we were lucky to hear about it on time. This was free to access. A museum on the mount really made this venture for me. It gave a really good insight into operations and reality of everyday life for people living here.

En route to St. Michael’s Mount

A four and a half hour journey brought us back to Cirencester. We were lucky to have planned two full days over here- otherwise the journey would be difficult to justify. Ron definitely felt this long trek and started playing up on the way home. Luckily we all made it back in one piece and after taking the battery apart- Ron too felt ready for road again the next morning!