The Search for British Beaches

Cirencester is not the ideal location for a seaside enthusiast like myself. I have learnt that you must travel in order to find a good beach.

I underestimated this travel requirement when arriving in England. I remember one free weekend that I had in Cirencester. I managed to convince one of my friends to drive us to a beach. I simply searched ‘beach’ into Google Maps and we headed for the closest beach. This happened to be Weston Super-Mare.

Issue number one: we did not check the weather forecast. Issue number two: we did not check the beach. We prepared ourselves for a swim- swim suits on under our clothes and her mini was stocked with towels and warm clothes.

Off we headed for our Googled destination. Halfway into our journey, the most unmerciful shower erupted. We were too determined to let this indicator steer us anywhere else.

We arrived at our sea side destination. It wasn’t quite how I had pictured it. The heavy downpour made visibility difficult, however, we could see enough to realise that low tide meant the sea was beyond walking distance- if one could overcome the marshy sea floor obstacle.

image (1)
This resembled our view

We soon departed from Weston Super-Mare, without dipping into the sea. We settle for a Pad Thai in Waga Mamas in Bristol instead. We returned back to our halls that evening satisfied in a different way than expected!

This adventure slightly shook my confidence in British beaches. Luckily this only marked a first attempt at my searches.