I used to think that an experience didn’t qualify as traveling unless it comprised of a very long flight journey, lasting at least a few weeks. The meaning of this word has changed significantly for me recently. Particularly when I ‘traveled’ to Kentucky as part of a study trip for my course.

Whilst visiting various racecourses, studs and universities, the topic of repaying the favour often came up. We were very fortunate to get access to these organisations and the university of Kentucky were planning on bringing their students over. The lecturer spoke of all of the things they wanted to see in the UK. At the point, I felt as unfamiliar with the country as these students in America. This was ridiculous since I had just finished my second year studying there.

On my return to the UK, I had an urge to go and see what these students would travels for hours to see. I had become accustomed to my life in Cirencester and had not traveled far outside it’s perimeter. This was not quite the same with my life in Ireland, but this spurred me to want to see more. I will share my travels with you in subsequent posts.