The Unspoken Rules of Home

The dynamics of living at home are difficult to accustom to after living away. Being in halls in first year, I had full control over how and when everything was done. Although I welcomed the extra space, having more than just my bedroom at home! The following were the unspoken requirements to succeed at home:

  • be busy ALWAYS (preferably doing something productive/ out of sight)
  • earn money (ideally doing something that will help your future self)
  • share the car (BIG PROBLEM)
  • become a chauffeur for younger sister
  • don’t steal sisters clothes

Preferably manage all of these at once. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get this memo at the start. It took me a while to figure it out.

One summer coming back from England I had none of these boxes ticked. My family now joke about that period and call it ‘the troubles’! I am quite an independent person and I am happiest when I am busy. Luckily I have steered away from such situations since.

In order to avoid ‘conflict in the household’ I make sure I have a job, when possible, when coming home. This ticks the second box also, the money! The car and clothes were always the biggest issues..  And still are. Various tactics were used to overcome this. These include hiding keys, pretend siblings are not on the insurance policy of the car (they had to be to bring the price down!) and of course just taking the car and switching the phone off. No efficient solution has yet succeeded for the clothes issue.

I found moving back to live with family difficult when returning from a different type of household.  The change of independence is always the biggest shock for me… although mom’s bacon and cabbage and the beaches always makes up for it!