Be There or be Square

‘Don’t be thinking about home. Make sure you fully settle into Cirencester’. I didn’t really know what this meant when my mom said this to me. I do now.

I thought, well if i’m hundreds of miles away from home then I hardly had a choice, but I also thought that I would think of home, and probably a lot. The problem arises when these thoughts and contact with home exceed those in front of you.

It is an easy thing to slip into these thoughts, and something I probably was guilty of at the start. Particularly when I first arrived. No sooner had I landed on English soil and I was organising what weekends I would be free to go home and have people over. Mom turned to me and said to stop worrying about that and let those things happen when I was free. I felt I had ties to a lot of people and almost felt I had to come home for them.

It took me a while to let go of this and really settle into Cirencester. Probably the bones of three months. It felt as though as soon as I was finally settling in, it would be time to go home for the holidays. We have a month off for Christmas and Easter. As soon as I immersed myself into my life in Cirencester I really started to enjoy it. The more I put into my in the more I got back from it.

The highlight of my first year was the May ball. The RAU is renowned for its May ball. A black tie event which takes place in a huge marque in front of the university and usually hosts a famous act. This was like nothing I had been to before. Here’s a little action shot.

may ball

It was at that event that I knew I had made the right decision. I knew I really was happy at the RAU. Until I completely immersed myself into the experience I was wasting my time.