Achieving balance in ones life leads to happiness. A simple logic. However, the question is, what forms this for you? From a young age people are forced into a largely balanced lifestyle. At school the proportion of breaks and class periods are divided so that people have enough of each. What happens when this control is placed in your own hands?

Often this balance becomes distorted. The secret that I have found living away is to find the escape. This is different for everyone. For me this came in various forms but the most simple and effective was walking. I would walk everywhere and anywhere. For however long I needed to get away from any stressful circumstances or just to be by myself.

These walks don’t always go to plan… When I was in second year I went home to Ireland for a weekend- I don’t go home for weekends anymore because they are very difficult. There is a lot of hassle flying from Cirencester home and it feels as though I am back on the plane to London once I have departed the flight in Shannon.

So I arrived back from my weekend and needed to get away by myself. I headed off on Monday evening for a walk. I threw on some Mellow Pop music and off I went. Before I knew it I had ventured a little too far. The last marked area that I had passed was a village called Ewen about an hour’s walk from where I live. So I walked  back to Ewen. The sun was setting as a ferocious pace at this stage and of course, my phone had just died! I tried to retrace my tracks but must have taken a wrong  turn. I found a family out for a walk and asked them how I could get back to Chesterton. They couldn’t understand how I was planning on walking back there. They hesitantly gave me directions through an old railway track which was now more like a forest.

With an urgency in my step, I headed off on my directed trail. Eventually I arrived back. The girls I am living with nearly had a search party sent out.. I had been gone on my ‘stroll’ for over four hours!

While on this occasion I found myself in a bit of a situation, walking helps me to clear my head and just get away. Everyone has a different way of achieving this. It might be simply relaxing and watching t.v., listening to music, playing sports or going for a drive. Whatever it is, recognise that you need it.