‘It just came to me’

It must be an inherited trait, but myself, my two sisters and brother seem to find ourselves in a few hopeless situations. However, our mom has this incredible ability to find unthinkable solutions, particularly for the big problems. You knew you were back on track once you heard ‘it just came to me’. 

I found myself in a sticky situation on my Leaving Cert results day. This is the quivalent of A level results. I had basically messed up my application form. I think I had notions about becoming a doctor when filling it in (this was not going to happen!) and so I thought , logically, Medical Science was the one for me. I threw Animal Science below this, because I got the points for Medical Science I couldn’t get my second choice- yes my English friends, we have a silly system. I was in a bit of a state on that results day. The only solutions I could see were to repeat the Leaving Cert or to take a year out.

In order for mom to reach these fantastic and unusual solutions, she must go by herself on a journey- this may be a walk or a drive. You must then wait. We were in Ballybunion and mom headed out on a long walk by the sea.

The seaside walk of Ballybunion.

She came back and I waited eagerly. Just like that.. ‘it came to me’. She said ‘didn’t you apply for that college in England?’ I barely remembered and had to check.

When I was in transition year my brother considered going to the Royal Agricultural College. As I would have had no lift home from school that day I was brought to England to see this University. I did really like the place, but I didn’t feel I had to be there!

So I checked my UCAS application and, low and behold, I had applied to it. The only thing was, I had applied for a different course.. I think it was Food Production and Quality Supply. Under Patricia’s orders I was straight on the phone to the RAU attempting to change my course to International Equine Business. Luckily, this was not a problem and I was enrolled into this course for 2014.

That was how I ended up coming to England to study. It makes me realise just how easy my life was then, when i had so much support and direction.